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Modular Cleanrooms and Enclosures

  • Enclosure

    The Simplex SIS 797 Enclosure System featuring Active Channel Technology, is perfect for cleanrooms, divider walls, laboratory doors and datacenter hot/cold isolation. This system offers the flexibility to be fabricated to meet the exact size and function of each application. By utilizing the two-piece extrusion frame, end users can adjust the insert channel to accommodate different sizes of solid inserts—from 1/8" to 3/8". A wide variety of insert materials are available, including polycarbonate, polypropylene, ABS, aluminum composite, acrylic, or even tempered glass.

  • Exterior View

    This modular cleanroom enclosure features latch-together frames and 1" tubular wall frames with 2" tubular wall ports. The result is a lightweight, easily installed cleanroom that also offers modularity.

  • Workspace

    Aluminum framed cleanroom with stretched vinyl inserts in wall panel. This ensures cleanliness while staying economical.

  • Modular Cleanrooms

    Modular cleanroom enclosures protect against airborne contaminants, dirt and dust, achieving particle levels as low as ISO 4 (Class 10), in either a single-pass or recirculating positive pressure design. Our modular cleanrooms go together easily with a minimum number of tools. The enclosure is the only latch-together modular cleanroom available today, allowing it to easily expand to meet your needs.

  • Modular Cleanrooms

    Modular Cleanrooms can be used to guard against ultraviolet light, temperature fluctuations, and harmful noise.

  • Modular Cleanrooms

    Clear and solid panels are used here to allow for the creation of multiple workspaces within a cleanroom environment.

  • Modular Cleanrooms

    Wall panel modularity allows for creative modification of existing workspace.

  • Enclosure

    White powder-coated steel framed modular clean enclosure, with clear vinyl strip curtains.

Modular Cleanrooms and Enclosures

We design our enclosure walls using pre-engineered framing systems that easily fasten together to create frames to span a specific width and height. These frames are made from extruded anodized aluminum, and all surfaces are gasketed. Then, we either stretch flexible vinyl taut across the frames, insert clear/colored hard plastic, or use rigid Di-bond to create an enclosure that is completely modular and protects against airborne contaminants.

The level of air cleanliness (down to ISO Class4) depends on the number of HEPA-filtered fan units that supply the room. You can create either positive or negative-pressure.

Comparison between selected equivalent classes of FS (Federal Standard) 209 Cleanrooms and ISO 14644-1 Cleanrooms.

ISO 14644-1
Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 Class 6 Class 7 Class 8
209E Classes
Class 1 Class 10 Class 100 Class 1000 Class 10000 Class 6

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