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Teknek CM8n Sheet Cleaner

Simco-Ion's Teknek CM8n Sheet Cleaner utilizes tacky roll technology to remove surface contamination in many critical processes. This versatile sotfware driven ensuring it's ability to fully integrate in many processes across a wide range of industries.

Narrow Web Teknek Contact Cleaners

Simco-Ion's Teknek NWP Narrow Web Cleaner for industrial films and papers utilizes the highly effective Teknek Cleaning Core to remove surface contamination prior to the printing, coating or laminating process. Teknek's uniquely formulated elastomer rollers are manufactured in-house and have much higher performance and cleaning properties than ordinary tacky rolls or tacky rollers.

XWCH3 Teknek Contact Cleaners

Simco-Ion's Teknek XWCH3 Wide Web Cleaner provides dust removal for wide webs and rollers in industrial converting applications. It is engineered for simple installation, continuous operation, ease of use, and minimal maintenance. Proven contact cleaning for use with modern high-value materials such as PET, polyimide, non-woven, copper, aluminum, BOPP and many others.

Teknek CM10 Sheet Cleaner

Simco-Ion's CM10 Sheet Cleaner for large sheets utilizes tacky rolls to remove surface contamination priot to critical dust-sensitive processes. The CM10 is available with all Teknek Cleaning Cores and includes static elimination, which dramatically reduces part defects and increases production yields. The CM10 Sheet Cleaner is a robust double-sided sheet cleaner which provides an impressive ROI.

Teknek Hand-held Contact Cleaner

Simco-Ion's Teknek DCR Contact Cleaning Hand Rollers can be used to clean any flat surface and will pick up dry, unattached particles without damaging the surface or leaving anything behind. The DCR will pick up dust, lint, hair, glass, metal skin and plastic particles. After rolling the part you want to clean, simply roll the DCR over the specially-made Adhesive pad to refresh the DCR for next application. Available in 6 inch (150mm) and 12 inch (300mm) working width.

Teknek Replacement Contact Cleaner Rolls

Teknek Adhesive Rolls are engineered components, designed to operate in the critical applicaiton of contact cleaning. Teknek adhesives ensure maximum cleaning performance and debris collection and are 2-3 more times effective than the competition.

Neutro-Vac Web Cleaner

Neutro-Vac systems combine the power of a compressed-air blast, static elimination, brushes and a high-exhaust head to agitate the web, remove the static bond, and evacuate surface particulate down to 20 microns in size. The Neutro-Vac systems are ideal for installation over unsupported webs from 3" to 300" wide.


  • One-sided or top-and-bottom web cleaning
  • Contact, non-contact, and hazardous location configurations
  • HEPA after-filter available

Ion-o-Vac Mark I

The Mark I Web and Sheet Cleaning System includes brushes and static control bars before and after the vacuum slot. Removal of dust and dirt improves production speeds and lowers the incidence of product quality defects.

An Ion-O-Vac’s is normally mounted where material has more than 30-degrees of surface contact with a roller or cylinder. This maximizes the cleaning effect of the high-pressure vacuum. The collector must be located in close proximity to the heads.

  • One-sided or top-and-bottom web cleaning
  • Contact and non-contact configurations
  • Brackets and ducting included
  • Micrometer adjustments for precisely locating the cleaner head over the substrate
  • Manual or optional pneumatic retraction systems to raise and lower the heads
  • Brushes slide in-and-out for easy replacement
  • Economical replacement brush pricing

Ion-o-Vac Mark IV

Mark IV systems utilize the power of rotary brush action to scrub the material surface, cleaning down to 15 microns. The scrubbing action of the Mark IV rotary brush system is designed for the toughest of materials that demand the cleanest of printing surfaces.


  • Double-surface cleaning available for web presses
  • Single or double-surface cleaning arrangements
  • Canister collector with cartridge filter
  • Pre-filter and motor starter
  • Ion-O-Vac head with rotary brush, drive and speed motor and controls, static eliminator and brackets

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