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AeroBar 5225

AeroBar 5225

AeroBar 5225

Pulsed DC or Steady-state DC for In-tool applications

The Model 5225 Digital AeroBar with Software Control is designed to handle the demanding requirements of in-tool ionization. With high ion output providing fast neutralization of electric charge on wafers, E78 compliance at the most stringent levels can be achieved.


  • Complete integration with tool control system
  • Fully adjustable parameters for each AeroBar
  • Ion current monitoring
  • Several lengths available including 3 specifically designed for EFEMs
  • Single-crystal silicon emitter points


  • Setup, operation, & maintenance are controlled using existing tool or IonMonitor software GUI
  • Fine-tune ionization for individual process requirements in each area of the tool
  • More consistent ion output & stable performance
  • Flexible lengths means versatility for a variety of application designs
  • Industry’s demonstrated cleanest emitter material, with no risk of wafer contamination from dopants or metals


AeroBar 5225

Input Voltage 24 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1W (typ), received from the Interface Module
Ion Emission Pulsed DC, Steady-state DC or standby
Emitter Points Single-crystal Silicon, replaceable
Cleanliness ISO 14644-1 Class 1
Dimension 2.1H x 1.2W x 22.4, 28.4, 35.7, 44.4, 55.6, 64.4, 75.5, or 84.4L in. (5.3H x 3.1W x 56.9, 72.1, 90.7, 112.8, 141.2, 163.6, 191.8, or 214.4 L cm)
Weight 1.5 lb (1.02 kg) for a 22 in (56.9 cm) bar (approx. 6 oz per additional ft/0.17 kg per additional 30 cm)

Interface Module Model 5200-IM6T

Input Voltage 24 VDC, 1.0A, ±5%
Capacity Connect to up to six Model 5225 AeroBars
Indicators Green POWER ON, yellow COMMUNICATION, red ALARM
Dimension 2.9H x 2.8W x 12.4L in. (7.4H x 7.1W x 31.5L cm)
Weight 4 lb (2 kg)