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Weaver meets the diverse needs of the web converting industry with a market-spanning range of problem-solving products. Products that cut waste, provide greater control over the manufacturing process, and improve productivity. Products that put ingenuity to work, whatever mix of materials our web conversion customers work with.

Products for Paper, Plastic and Film Converting

  • Simco-Ion
  • Simco-Ion

    Static Bars, Web Cleaning, Electrostatic Charging, Ionizing Blowers

    The world's largest manufacturer of static control components and systems – providing solutions to electrostatic issues in web processes and many others. Simco-Ion’s comprehensive product line incorporates years of research, engineering, and field experience, with the goal of helping you reduce costs, improve operations and increase quality.

  • Simplex
  • Simplex

    Simplex Vinyl Strip Doors and Softwall Curtains

    Simplex AirBlock vinyl strips and softwalls are constructed from vinyl in thicknesses from 40mil. to 120mil. The strips can be from 6" to 12" wide and as high as you need them. Our hook-bead mounting system ensures years of trouble-free performance. The curtains can be RF welded to form either solid walls or movable curtains.

About the Web Converting Process

Web Converting is combining materials such as paper, plastic or foil into new intermediate or final products. For example, conversion equipment might cut a web of plastic film into lengths and fuse the edges, thus creating plastic bags. Coating and printing, typically, utilize conversion technology. The former can include deposition, hot coating, curtain coating and slot-die coating. The latter, such as Flexo and rotogravure printing, is suited to high speed roll-to roll-processing.

These and other web conversions require controls to ensure the greatest yields and fewest rejects. Tension control, for example, applies to the unwinding of rolled material before it moves through a machine, and is achieved with an expandable airshaft that holds the core of the roll, with an attached brake to control roll rotation, and a tension-measuring sensor.

Keeping web material aligned and on track during conversion is another important control, achieved by web-guiding systems positioned upstream from the most critical stages in the web conversion machinery.

But as critical as they are, tension control and web alignment are just two of the needs essential to web conversion technology that the products described here address.