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Cleanroom Ceiling Components

  • Cleanroom Ceiling Components

    An exterior view of the clear anonized aluminum T-Grid ceiling and truss system with HEPA filter fan units installed.

  • Cleanroom Ceiling Components

    A 4-bulb sealed troffer — air-tight light fixture, designed to prevent contaminants from entering the cleanroom.

  • Cleanroom Ceiling Components

    This clear anonized aluminum T-Grid ceiling and truss system provides a clean interior finish.

Cleanroom Ceiling Components

Weaver Technologies offers cleanroom ceiling components engineered specifically for the contamination-control needs of cleanrooms down to ISO Class 4 (class 100).

Cleanroom Ceiling Components include:


T-grid hardware is interchangeable, providing easy adjustment for dead-level ceiling installation. Cleanroom ceiling grid is available in 2"-wide extruded aluminum or 2" powder-coated steel T-Grid. Flow-thru T-Grid Systems are available in 2" Heavy-Duty walkable and Gel-Seal Style suspension.


Cleanroom Light Fixtures are especially sealed for cleanrooms, and allow re-lamping and ballast removal from roomside without contaminating clean areas. Cleanroom lighting is available in 2'x4' drop-in troffer lights. Teardrop Lights have a narrow airfoil design to minimize turbulence in cleanrooms requiring a unidirectional air flow, and can be easily mounted on 2" T-Bar. Flow-Through Light Troffers accept a SAM® Filter Unit on the top and allow HEPA or ULPA-filtered air to flow through the fixture and into the cleanroom.

Ceiling Tiles

Cleanguard Cleanroom Ceiling Panels feature factory-sealed edges and a white vinyl face.

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