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The IQ Power Static Neutralizing System

Intelligent High-Performing Ionization

The IQ Power Static Neutralizing System is an unparalleled lineup engineered with the technology that brings complete monitoring intelligence with a user friendly interface. The system provides the highest performance available with versatile, innovative configuration and simple installation options.

Designed for use in rugged industrial applications and leveraging many patented features, the IQ Power with Sensor Technology provides exceptional ionization performance. Configurable parameters allow the user to understand, monitor and control their static neutralization challenges.

This fully integrated system makes installation a snap. No complicated software to install or maintain.

Balance control modes allow the user to optimize the system to suit their application. The patented Auto-Tune mode optimizes the system through live reading of current web conditions. Fixed mode offers optimization through average web conditions, Manual mode allows users to adjust output settings, and Closed-Loop feed back (CLFB) mode where the sensor bar directly controls output.

The full IQ Power system includes:

  • Control Station
  • IQ Power Static Neutralizing Bars
  • BPS Power Supply
  • IQ Easy Static Neutralizing Bars
  • IQ Easy Sensor Bars
  • Hazardous Location Bars and Power Supplies (Class 1, Div 1)


  • Speed Static Bars are engineered to neutralize static charges on webs traveling up to 3,000 fpm and are mounted up to 9" away from the material to be neutralized.
  • Hybrid Static Bars are designed for varied installations up to 18" away.
  • Distance Static Bars are engineered to provide powerful ionization for distances up to 30 inches away in applications where installing a static bar close to the web is not an option.


  • Plug & play scaleable system
  • Patented CLFB mode allows the Sensor bar to control output of neutralizing bar
  • Patented Auto-Tune technology
  • Patented Dual-Axis control
  • Patented One-Touch calibration
  • Patented Power Supply connector system
  • User controlled voltage alarms
  • Standby Mode for pausing ionization
  • Customizable data logging and retrieval
  • Full PLC integration
  • Auto-addressing of connected devices