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IQ Power LP

IQ Power LP

IQ Power LP

Low-Profile design

The IQ Power LP Static Bar and MPS Power Supply are the latest in static neutralizing technology providing outstanding performance in space restrictive applications with quick and easy installation.


  • Low profile design at 3/4" bar height
  • Neutralizes static charges at speeds up to 3,000 fpm
  • Mounting distance between 2-9" from target
  • LP Static bar offered in over 60 lengths from 4.7" to 156"
  • Cleanroom compatible to class 1000
  • Fully integrates with IQ Power system


LP Static Bar

Operating Distance 2-9" (50-230 mm)
Dimensions 4.7-156" L x 1.34" W x 0.75" H (120-3,960 L x 34 W x 19mm H)
Emitter Material Tungsten
Operating Temp 0-176°F (0-80°C) max
Cable Length 10’ (3m) standard
Enclosure Polycarbonate extrusion
Weight 0.6 g/mm (0.5 oz/in)
Certification UL

MPS Power Supply

Input Power 24 VDC
Output Voltage ±7.5 kV
Dimensions 6.59"L x 3.09"W x 1.50"H (167.4 L x 78.4 W x 31.8mm H)
Operating Temp 0-110°F (0-43°C) max
Enclosure Glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate
Weight 14 oz (390g)
Certification ETL