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Light/Laser Isolation

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  • Light/Laser Isolation

Laser and Light-Blocking Curtains

These specially-designed softwall and curtain systems are popular for enclosing or dividing areas for special processes, such as laser functions and procedures, photo lithography and other light-sensitive work areas. Simplex's opaque black vinyl blocks out 100% of the light transfer. The matte finish reduces light refraction. Curtains are also available with foil inserts for use with more powerful lasers. Simplex amber-tinted curtains filter out various degrees of blue, yellow and harmful ultra-violet light. Light wavelength tests are available for Simplex red and amber tint curtains.

  • Thicknesses: .040 to .080 mil
  • Softwall width: Any size
  • Strip widths: 8" to 48"

Important Liability Disclaimer: Due to the many different types of lasers, Simplex does not make any performance claims for the laser protection contained in any of their curtains used for laser applications. It is solely the end user's responsibility to test samples of the curtains and their protective linings for performance and safety and to determine their usability in a given application. Simplex provides free samples for testing upon request.